Amazing tarts with seasonal fruits and perfect amount of sweetness. Freshly baked in the iconic Hotel Bristol, Warsaw patisserie. 

Price: 39 pln 



Signature White Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

Philadelphia cream cheese / white chocolate / vanilla

Mango Cake

lemon mousse / mango cream / cocnut dacquoise

Royal Praline

chocolate mousse / nut cream / almond roulade

Nougat Cake

nougat mousse / nut cream /  chocolate sponge cake 

Yogurt Cake with Blueberry Cream

yogurt mousse / blueberry cream / almond dacquoise 

Lime & Caramel Cake

lime mousse / caramel cream / blackcurrant jelly / almond dacquoise  

Suggestion of children's cake decoration

Chocolate & Plum Cake

chocolate mousse / plum jelly / cinnamon crème brûlée / ginger-nut sponge cake 

Blackcurrant Cassis Cake

blackcurrant mousse / coffee cream /chocolate sponge cake  

Black Forrest 

chocolate mousse / cherries marinated in cherry tincture  


Wedding Cakes