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Christmas takeaways
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Christmas takeaways

Celebrate your Christmas with the culinary delights crafted by our Food & Pastry Teams showcasing classic Polish favourites.

Please remember to place your order before 18th of December 2023. Orders pick up point will be in our Christmas Lobby Pop Up.

Chef's recommendations:

  • Herring matjas with sweet marinated shallots and dried mushrooms
  • Borscht with pickled beetroot, apples, vegetables, ravioli with cabbage and mushrooms
  • Roast duck with heather honey, compressed aplles, plum sause

Pastry Chef's recommendations:

  • Plaited poppyseed cake with nuts
  • Gingerbread with plum jam and chocolate cream
  • Christmas cake with candied fruit


T + 48 22 55 11 828


Monday - Sunday:

9AM - 7PM:



Please note that we do not accept reservations for weekend days. We encourage you to make reservations from Monday to Friday.