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Café Bristol
Reservations: 48225511828
Special Package 4

Legendary delicacies 


Perfect textures and impeccable presentation - have a taste of legendary pastries from the iconic patisserie of Hotel Bristol, Warsaw - the cultural landmark since 1901.


The offer includes:

Delicious cake and coffee - PLN 25

Take The Cake -  Choose 4, pay for 3 - each cake 19 PLN


The offer is valid from August 2020 & for the holders of Warsaw City Card (Karta Warszawiaka).

Creating A Tort Bristol

Indulge in the soothing scenery of the iconic Café Bristol while sipping freshly brewed coffee and spoiling your buds with exquisite pastries crafted by our Pastry Chef and his talented Team. The perfect afternoon relaxation.


Monday - Friday 

5:00 - 10:00 pm

Price: 19 PLN (coffee and cake)


The special offer is valid until 31 August and excludes coffees served with alcohol.